Hello, my name is Sandy Wisor and this is my portfolio website along with my CV resume.

Digital technology consumes our world. Today’s youth must understand computer literacy and gain the necessary coding skills for a brighter future career. My teaching philosophy is to guide my students not to fear technology, but to embrace it. I enjoy helping diverse college students discover how to use software, such as Adobe Creative Suite, HTML5 & CSS, and Microsoft Office, whether it is in a classroom or remotely.

Currently, I am teaching digital technology, media studies, and web design courses at various college campuses, which include: Marist College, Mercy College, Mount Saint Mary College, Pace University, SUNY CGCC, and SUNY Ulster. I also teach for Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prisons.

Thank you for exploring my website. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about my CV resume or design projects.