Shadow & Snowy Days

On snowy days you can often find me outside with my pup. My beloved German Shepherd dog, Shadow, absolutely loves running and playing in the snow. I have no idea how I got so lucky to have such an awesome pup. I can’t believe she will turn five this year.

They say if you can survive the first few years of raising a German Shepherd, then the rest is a breeze. I can honestly say that my dog hasn’t lost any of her spunkiness. I laugh inside, as Shadow struts around carrying her beloved toy, which is usually the biggest stick she can find for the day.

I consider Shadow as part of my family and a loyal best friend, who is absolutely precious and priceless to me. I highly recommend to you to consider opening your heart and home to adopting a dog or even a cat, because pets bring such unconditional love and joy every day.

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