Praying for Florida

Heavenly Father, I uplift the Parkland Florida High School to You. I ask that You would help them to cherish the good times with those who perished yesterday. Surround them with Your comfort and love during this time of great loss. Grant each one peace and understanding in the days and years ahead. May they know they can stand on Your promise that they will see their friends again in heaven. Help heal the injured, strengthen this community, and bring godly justice. May Your name Father God prevail through it all. In the mighty name Of Jesus, I pray, Amen.

#prayforflorida #prayingforflorida

These types of tragedies are senseless evil. I grew up with firearms and we were taught to respect them. It is not the weapons that kill, but rather the deranged who seek to inflict pain. Is there a solution? How did a mentally unstable person obtain an AR15 in the first place? We keep asking the same question over and over after each school shooting because the gun laws haven’t changed. In my opinion, even if the gun laws change, the evil-doer will still seek to obtain weapons of choice.

The school knew this kid needed help and all they did was expel him. Did those in authority bother to see he got medical help or counseling after his parents were gone? If kids knew he was bad trouble why didn’t the school have more guards? Yes, the shooter knew the layout and had a pre-meditated plan, but how was he so easily able to get to the third floor without being seen with a rifle and a gas mask on?

In the late 1970’s Chicago suburb schools I attended had police officers in hallways due to gang violence. America wants job creation, well is not obvious that there is a need for more trained officers at schools to deter deadly violent crimes on school grounds? The first line of defense is to protect our children and their teachers. What needs to happen before more innocent students lose their lives?

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