My Home is in Heaven

Today, our society has lost one of the greatest evangelists, Rev. Billy Graham. His famous quote was, “My home is in heaven. I’m just traveling through this world Billy Graham is home.

There wasn’t anything our America’s Pastor didn’t do to share the gospel with millions whether via tent revivals, large crusades, radio, tv, or the Internet. He traveled the globe even went behind the iron curtain to witness the truth God’s saving grace through Jesus Christ.

If you want to learn more about this amazing Christian Pastor, then I suggest visiting Billy Graham’s Museum & Library in Charlotte, NC. The timeline tour is very interactive. His beloved folk’s house is also there as part of the tour. It was one one two places I visited with my Dad, who was also a Pastor.

The first trip was earlier in the summer, as we went Bridgefest in Ocean Grove, NJ. Besides the ocean, we enjoyed attending a church service at the famous ‘Great Auditorium’ and Anne Lotz, Billy Graham’s daughter, was the guest speaker. These two trips are something I will always treasure doing with my Dad.

Visit Billy Graham Museum & Library

Visit Ocean Grove’s Great Auditorium

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