The Lion and The Lamb

March has certainly come in like a lion, as today’s Nor’Easter Riley snowstorm and high winds are devastating upstate NY. There are widespread power outages due to heavy snow causing down trees and wires. The wind has been howling all day and will continue most of the night.

Instead of being scared or worried during a storm, I like to view it as God’s way of redecorating Earth. God states in Isaiah 11:6 that there will be peace, as the Lion shall lie down with the Lamb. So know that God is watching over you.

I am praying for everyone’s safety. Asking God to protect the snowplows drivers and electrical crews, as they work through the terrible storm to restore power. Be safe, stay warm, and careful shoveling the heavy snow. Spring is around the corner, so here’s hoping March goes out like a lamb.

Check out this amazing artist MuralJoe.

Lion and Lamb Mural Video





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