Dog Bright

After doing some research, I realized that no company makes a light up dog vest that includes boots, a collar, or a leash together, as they are all sold separately. From my personal experience, I prefer to buy everything together than in pieces. I will admit my dog has bolted on me a few times to chase a wild animal into the woods when it is dark. Therefore, there is a need for a new all in one technological solution for the vast dog market.

Introducing my new product called “Dog Bright”, which features a set of matching dog vests, one for your beloved pup and one for the dog owner, along with an optional reflective, light up, waterproof boots, collar, and leash for the dog. The “Dog Bright” vests are not only reflective, but will be waterproof, actually light up, and include two built-in GPS tracking devices, one for you and one for your pet.

A typical scenario for most dog owners that after coming home from work is that it is usually dark outside. Your pup is anxiously waiting to go for a walk. The drivers may not see you, let alone your beloved dog. Every dog owner knows that a dog must be walked in all kinds of weather, thus the crucial need for waterproof material. Have you or your dog ever gotten separated or lost? Thus, the vital need for GPS devices to be included for both of you.

Not only will the new Dog Bright Vest protect your beloved dog from oncoming cars, going out in wicked bad weather, and even from getting lost in the future, but yourself as well. Now, who doesn’t like to match their pup? By wearing a matching Dog Bright Vests you will be able to locate your pup quickly and vice versa. So who is in with me in creating Dog Bright? While it won’t save the world, it will save lives.

Any comments or suggestions are welcomed.





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