Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Easter to me is not about the basket filled with flavored jelly beans, a chocolate bunny, and marshmallow peeps, nor is it about painting eggs or going on an egg hunt. While these commercialized traditions are fun,

the real truth is we cannot have Easter, without Good Friday!cross-sunset-sunrise-hill-70847.jpeg

Jesus was crucified and died on the cross, and in doing so Jesus took the weight of our sins away that day. Jesus was placed in a secure tomb. On the third day, Jesus arose from the grave, just as He promised. And He is coming again! All glory, honor, and praise are due God for the Resurrection of Jesus, His only son and our Redeemer. Christ died, so that we may live!

Instead of wishing you a Happy Easter, I say have a Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Feel free to enter your prayer requests or pray for others via:

Guideposts Good Friday Day of Prayer





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