GMC Case Study Midterm

For my midterm, I had to do a case study on whether GMC should create new alternative fuel trucks. GMC’s vision and mission is to create life time customers.

Based on GMC’s heritage and history it should have no major issue accomplishing this task. I had to determine the company’s SWOT and make recommendations as to its new product development process.

During my research I found out some interesting facts about their current yet expensive Chevy Siverado and GM Sierra are ”mild hybrid” heavy duty trucks and features a cool carbon fiber truck bed making it lighter and dent proofed.

I discovered their military partnership that helped built Army trucks that run on hydrogen. I found out also that GM already has an actual midsize electric truck called the Chevy Watt.

In conclusion, GM and other auto manufactures should strive to develop alternative fueled vehicles. Because we need to ultimately depend less on importing foreign oil and eliminate the shock of rising costs of gasoline.

Do you drive a GMC truck?

Would you consider purchasing a hydrogen or electric truck from GM?

What features do you prefer a truck to have?

Your comments are welcomed.

I, myself, prefer FORD trucks.

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