Casper The Friendly Pup

Today, I had the privilege of volunteering as a new driver for Guiding Eyes for the Blind. It was an awesome experience to see some pups on program and meet friendly GEB staff who train and support future guide dogs. I had an excellent volunteer train me to do the local run.

It was an honor to transport 4 doggies from the Canine Center to their Yorktown campus for their surgeries. The pups settled right down and didn’t complain about my driving either. It was a beautiful day for a drive and I got to see the Croton Reservoir Waterfall in Kathina, NY.

During my time I got see some adorable labrador puppies from the recent ”J” litter named Jerome, Jonah, Joy, and Jefferson, who were returning back from home socialization. I had fun getting to know a teenage pup named Casper the friendly pup and watching him practice basic commands with his raiser’s hand signals. Some pups are trained to understand sign language.

I am looking forward to more volunteer driving adventures to help those are in need of a guide dog. Hopefully, my Shadow won’t get too jealous when she figures out I was around other dogs. May Shadow realize that she is still my #1 pup and that I am helping younger pups to reach their full potential of being future guide dogs.





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