Pray & Eat Cake

Fifteen years ago, I was hired to be a Prayer Associate at Guideposts, while at the time didn’t exactly know what all it would entail. I had the pleasure of working with awesome prayer volunteers globally. It was a true honor to pray with every one of them.

In the Prayer Department, we often celebrated each person birthday with a special cake from a great local bakery called, ”McKinney and Doyle’s” in Pawling, NY. There was an inside joke, which was that the Prayer Department only knew how to pray and eat cake. While this certainly wasn’t true, because we took time out to celebrate each other lives and share how God was working in our lives.

However, the pun is now even funnier to me today. Ironically, I was blessed with a new part-time job in the bakery section at Sam’s Club as of next week. In time, I will receive training to decorate cakes, too. God is just too funny, as I guess I will be praying while making baked goods.

I am so grateful to God for work, as He has provided for me with two part-time jobs in one month. I will be also able to do adjunct teaching come the Fall, so God has worked it out in my favor to do both. Thank you for your prayers for me during this time of transition. So, now who wants some cake? 🙏🎂😉

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