What Prayer Can Do

March 3, 2003, was a freezing cold Monday morning. My boyfriend, Bill, was driving on the Taconic State Parkway on his way to work at IBM in Ossining, NY. When all of the sudden, Bill’s Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe car accidentally hit black ice, flipped, rolled several times, and finally landed upside down on the side of the road against several large rocks. Rescue squad notified his family, his father went to the crash site started praying for his son to make it through the accident. His sister, immediately called the church to put her brother on the prayer list.

Meanwhile, the rescue team had to use the jaws of life to extract Bill from his beloved car, that literally looked like a pancake afterward. Unfortunately, during the accident, the rescue team accidentally dropped the car on Bill’s back. Surely, the doctor thought something must be broken with the weight of the car, so he ordered X-rays. However, thanks be to God and to the doctor’s amazement, nothing was broken. The WMC’s plastic surgeon team was able to reattach his one ear, sewed over 300 stitches on his head along with adding two metal plates, one for his forehead and one for his eye socket, and then placed screws in his jaw.

The next day at work, I was told about Bill’s terrible car accident by his sister. We left immediately to go see him, as he had survived the extensive surgery. One of the ICU nurses informed me that Bill wasn’t drinking much. So I asked the nurse, ”What are you giving him? She replied, ”Apple juice.” If you know Bill, he doesn’t care much for fruit let alone any vegetables. So I proceeded to ask the nurse, ”Can he have chocolate milk?” The nurse replied, ”Yes”, so I suggested she give that to Bill instead and sure enough he drank that right down. The next time I visited with Bill, I asked him some simple math questions, but he got them wrong, which was very highly unusual for him having a degree in math. Bill stated he was still dealing with massive brain swelling and double vision from the accident. Each night, I prayed that God would heal and restore him completely.

Leave it to Bill to ask his mother to cook her homemade chocolate pudding and somehow he managed to get it delivered to his hospital room every day. His beloved father visited to help the nursing staff with any of his son’s daily medical needs. Bill was able to go home from the hospital at the end of the week. He was literally standing at his hospital door waiting for me to arrive to drive him home. Bill wanted to literally run out of hospital’s exit door, but the medical staff would not let him. After months of physical therapy for his neck and back along with his father’s assistance, Bill was able to get back in the driver’s seat and given full clearance to return to work.

The hospital’s Star Flight Team said they lost Bill twice on the helicopter while flying him to the hospital. The local newspaper reported that Bill’s car accident shut down the highway for hours. Bill learned later on that same day there were two other car accidents nearby that the drivers did not survive. I am certain because of Bill’s faith in Jesus, the power of prayer by others, and his love chocolate are why God saved him.

  • Have you prayed today?
  • Are you growing in your faith daily?
  • Understand that even though bad things do happen to good people that with God’s strength you can beat any circumstance.

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