Adjunct Teaching

This month I have been gearing up to teach this Fall at Mercy College. I am learning how to set up my virtual Blackboard and Pearson MyITLab. I am so excited to teach college students and help them to learn Technology in Action and MS-Office 2016.

A Special ‘Thank You’ goes out to my Professor and a few other adjunct instructors for their confidence and encouragement in me to become an Adjunct Professor, for helping me getting me acquainted with the necessary software, and for sharing about what to expect from students.

Mercy College was kind enough to send me a book called “On Course” by James Lang, which is a weekly guide for your first-semester teaching.

I am looking forward to next week’s new teacher orientation on the Dobbs Ferry Campus and the Tarrytown Training Center. I can’t wait to meet more of the staff and making a difference in the lives of students.

Thank you all for your prayers, as I venture forward in a new career path. With God nothing is impossible!

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