How Computers Work

In Chapter 2 from our textbook, Technology In Action, we discovered what’s inside a computer and learned about its components.

1. Let’s define what a computer is: A computer is a programmable machine. The two principal characteristics of a computer are: It responds to a specific set of instructions in a well-defined manner and it can execute a prerecorded list of instructions (a program). Source: Computer Definition

2. To learn more about computers watch this video: What makes a computer, a computer?

3. Remember John 1:3 All things were made through God, and without Him was not anything made that was made.

So be thankful for God’s creation of mankind, because without Him, we would not have all these cool gadgets to play with that enhance our lives by saving us time and money.

By gaining computer skills one can advance their careers. If we collectively collaborate our knowledge and research, then together, we can ultimately create even better and faster technology.


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