Net Neutrality

This week in class, I am covering several in-depth technological concepts. One subject is computer networks, which can be set-up and used either wired or wireless. Computer Networks are set-up either client/server based or peer-2-peer, known as P2P. Most college networks are considered a WAN – a wide area network.

Another topic is ’Net Neutrality’. Here is an excellent video about this topic:

Net Neutrality Video

In 2017, the USA’s Federal Communications Committee selected a special panel of 5 who listened to the pros vs. cons of net neutrality. The same panel voted 3 to 2 to turn it off. Watch FCC’s video via the Washington Post to learn who and how the panel voted.

FCC Net Neutrality Video

My question to you ’Do you think they were right or wrong?’ Ask yourself, Do you want big companies to have the ability to what you can see online? Are you willing to pay more for the internet? Should we bother to overturn their decision? Let me know your thoughts.

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