Blackboard Training

What is Blackboard? It’s a far cry from what our grandparents had to use, but basically, it is digital educational classroom software.

As a teacher, you can communicate via email students, setup announcements, create quizzes, discussion boards, post presentations or videos for learning purposes, and collaborate all online.

As a student, you can login remotely anytime to see what’s happening in class, when assignments are due, and submit it online. You can ask your teacher questions right away rather than having to wait for the next class.

The best part of Blackboard’s technology is that it actually tracks student’s grades making it way easier for both teacher and student to review their current homework assignments, due dates, and test status.

To learn more check out or their online video training via their Blackboard YouTube Channel.

Recently, I received my certificate for completing Blackboard 101 Training from Mercy College.

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