Programming Languages

This week in class we will be studying various computer programming languages. While there are several both open source and proprietary software to choose from, the System Design Lifecycle (SDLC) is the same.

Learn SDLC in 9 Minutes Video

The 4 main questions any IT programmer should ask before selecting what program language to use:

  • What space is available?
  • What speed is required?
  • What organizational resources are available?
  • What is the type of target application?

Next, move on to flowcharting using a top-down design approach to determine the flow of data step-by-step through the current system and for the new prototype system. Identify any key issues, define the algorithm via classes of categories, and then choose which programming language would best solution to solve the puzzle problems.

”Everyone should learn to program because it teaches you how to think.”
~Steve Jobs

Coding Isn’t Hard Video

Hour Of Code

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