Learning Essentials

The other day, I received my certificate of completion for Teaching and Learning Essentials Class from Mercy College.

During this two night class, we learned how to create our very own e-portfolio which included our teaching philosophy. We learned the basics of Instructional Design for lesson planning.

We also covered different types of interactive learning activities, which I will be using some of them in my classes throughout the new semester.

Since my major was not education, I am really glad that Mercy College offers these teaching incentives for adjunct professors.

I have found that one’s education is all about what you make of it. Sometimes things, like learning new skills, can be a daunting task.

However, I know that nothing in this world is impossible for our God! Even if means for me, to develop more successful ways to teach others.

We only need to tell God our problem that is puzzling us. We must ensure to include Him in the equation.

You can rest assured that Jesus will give you godly wisdom and knowledge to find the right answer to solve it.





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