5 C’s of Computers Skills

I recently asked my students to write a brief essay on ’How Computers Benefit our Society’. The easiest answers are that computers save us time and money, or so we like to think they do.

Computers let us do lot’s of things like connecting us to the Internet, but the 4 big concepts students need to grasp when using digital technology devices, which are:

  • Critical Thinking – finding solutions to problems.
  • Creativity – thinking outside the box.
  • Collaboration – working with others.
  • Communication – conveying with others.

Source: The 4 C’s of 21st Century Skills

In my opinion, I think one more C should be added, which is: Calculate – often left out, but the original reason why computers were created in the first place was to do mathematical equations for us. There are many in society that cannot complete a simple math equation without a calculator or even give exact change from a cash register without the amount being displayed on a screen.

In today’s world, we easily let computers and smartphones run our lives. While I think it’s great to know how a computer operates and what it’s capabilities are. But, can a student actually function without one?

What would a student do should the power go out and they cannot recharge their devices to do homework? This is why we also must continue to teach students to think and make decisions for themselves, as well as, encourage to them gain necessary computer skills, so they can excel in their future careers. Because a computer is only as good as its user.

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