Stairway to Heaven

This week I had to visit one of the oldest jails in NY called Sing Sing prison for my teaching id. Little did I know that parking is difficult because of its location. The prison actually sits on a huge stone hill along the beautiful Hudson River.

There are actually 88 steps down to the entrance, which means there was 88 more to climb when leaving. These stairs are anything but easy. I can’t fathom anyone being able to run these steps. Once inside there are another 75 steps up, which means there same amount when leaving. I know the purpose of theses steep steps at the prison is to deter escape, but these massive steps sure don’t lead to heaven either.

A friend of mine referenced this same difficult climb as an old classic rock song entitled “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin. The song lyrics reflect that many of us work so hard to make a living, that we working ourselves to death just to end up in heaven.

But my question is, “Does what we do to get there really matter?” As a technology teacher my answer is Yes, because I bring hope in learning. I share my digital knowledge and computer skills to a diverse set of new college students each semester whether on a campus or in a prison.

In closing this post, I covet your prayers this summer as I teach at two different jails. I am asking God to protect and strengthen me, as I bring forth His light into this darken world. May my values and views shine truth. May God bless you!

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