Live to be a Blessing

Unfortunately, I experienced bullying in a past work environment. Learning what people truly thought of me was very disheartening. Up to now, nobody knows this, but me.

Please know that absolutely no one has the right to bully or intimidate others while at work, but it happens daily to employees. It is every manager’s job to provide good criticism rather than belittling or ridiculing any coworker.

Today, I am sharing that from this horrible experience, so you can learn to be an overcomer like me by pushing through the pain of cruelty of words. It is my goal not to dwell on the past, but to forgive them.

Actually, I am truly blessed by this traumatic experience, because I learned to only trust God, as He knows what is best for me. I will continue to live a life being a blessing to others like God did for us.

I pray that God blesses you and you too will learn to be a blessing to those around you. May these verses inspire you:

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