One Day Closer

Recently, I heard a new song called ’One Day Less’ by Rob Thomas that reflects that he is happy knowing he has one day less from dying young. What I do like about Rob Thomas’s new song is that he mentions he does pray to live to see another day because he is not afraid of getting older.

Truth is, as a Christian believer, I would rather the title of the song be ’One Day Closer’. Here’s why: Because every day that goes by I count it, as one day closer to our Lord and Savior along for seeing my loved ones in heaven.

In fact, heaven is supposed to the most beautiful place as described to us in the Bible. Read Revelation 21 to learn what heaven will be like to those who are saved.

Until Jesus’s return, we are to take time praying and witnessing to others, so they too can meet Jesus in heaven. We are called to share the truth of God’s of salvation to all, as a way to brings forth God’s light and love up those who need hope.

Respond by typing ’Amen’ if you agree.

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