Change is Good

Have you ever been at a point where you think you finally understand everything then the team your working with has decided to make changes, and you must comply quickly?

Our challenge came yesterday as several adjunct college professors met for training on the basics of Cengage Mindtap, a new digital learning platform. We are also faced with learning at the same time the newest version of Microsoft Office 2019 before the Fall Semester.

It’s only natural human behavior to resist change because it is uncharted territory. One thing I’ve experienced is that as a team you can collectively learn together because you are all in the same boat. The team will either sink or swim and the fact there is no ’I’ in the word ’team’.

Some professors are not in favor of switching platforms. I view the change as good because the extra training gives us time to: 1. absorb the content material ahead of time, 2. for us to ask the vendor questions about past issues, and 3. bounce creative ideas off other professors teaching the same course. It gives an opportunity for both faculty members and college students alike to learn the latest versions of the software.


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