My Shadow found Dory!

Welcome Dory to my blog, as I am home socializing her for Guiding Eyes for the Blind this weekend. Dory is 8 weeks old and is the sweetest German Shepherd pup.

My dog Shadow is so excited to have a pup to play with, so far they are getting along great. Shadow keeps tabs on the pup wherever she goes.

Whoever raises Dory as a guide dog is going to be really lucky because she is so simply adorable. I am impressed that this pup has already learned some commands.

Small World, turns out both pups, Dory and Shadow, are actually related via Klinger her brother and Comet he nephew.

Dory handles steps like a champ, is super friendly, and isn’t afraid of a my big pointy ears dog.

Volunteer for Guiding Eyes for the Blind

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