Home Socializing Dory

Day 2 of home socialzing GEB GSD Puppy Dory. Joys, puppies have a 5am wake-up call. I now appreciate Shadow’s 7am wake-up calls a lot more. Dory is a very active pup, but like any 8-week old pup, they do need naps, just like a toddler.

Shadow and Dory are having a blast playing together. Dory found all the places in the family room where Shadow can’t fit and Shadow is attentive to herd pup so she doesn’t get in trouble.

The best part is Shadow likes teaching Dory how to conquer the front porch steps, as Dory likes going up than down. Looking forward to walking them around the neighborhood later on today.

Please consider being a volunteer puppy raiser or home socializer for Guiding Eyes for the Blind.


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