Don’t Quit

Yesterday, I was reminded in a graduation commencement speech these words “Don’t Quit“, which is what I tell my students to do when things are tough to figure out.

Many of the students yesterday are the 1st generation in their families to graduate college. I am a true believer in education, as it can benefit a person if they’re truly willing to put in an effort to study and to learn a trade.

During the graduation ceremony I learned that it takes a support village of community leaders, dedicated educators, and correctional staff to educate students who are incarcerated in order to reduce the recidivism rate.

After participating in Hudson Link for Higher Education program, as a teacher, I now have seen first hand how the power of education can positively change a person from the inside out.

I look forward to these students continuing their education for a Bachelor’s degree through the Hudson Link and partnership with Mount Saint Mary’s College.

So when things seem tough tell yourself ‘Don’t Quit!’ because with God, all things are possible! Matthew 19:26.

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