Wednesday Wisdom

Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination. -Daniel Bell

Recently at Sing Sing, I have the privilege of meeting several other teachers who work for Rehabilitation through the Arts, which is another non-profit prison program. It is amazing to learn how they use the arts to educate and transform their students.

The 1st summer semester ends this week and 2nd semester is already underway. There are some differences between the prison’s technology in their college computer labs.

Because of different computer setups I start off with having students to follow textbook instructions for practice. Like learning any new software application there is a lot of repeating the same steps over and over. But let’s face staying inside the box is boring.

I often encourage my students to use their imagination and to be more creative with their course projects. The goal is to help them to see how else the project would look like with other fonts, colors, or even layout. By allowing them to think technology, as a form of art, the more they will enjoy learning to use a computer.

So now I am left wondering if this organization would consider technology, as a form of art? Feel free to check out RTA’s website:

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