Special Memories

Today’s happens to be the last class for the summer. I am so grateful for the special opportunity to teach during the summer for Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prisons.

I won’t forget these teaching memories, because I helped to lower the recidivism rate by teaching inside two NY State Correctional Facilities. This year, my plan is continue teach at these locations and with the possibility at other prisons along with several different colleges campuses.

The photo above reminds me of my Mom and how much she loved flowers, especially daisies. For me, I like black-eyes susan’s more because it’s the Maryland’s State flower. From Mom, I learned that life is short, so be sure to take time to enjoy even the smallest of things like God’s beautiful creation of flowers that surrounds us.

The book in the photo also reminds me of my Dad’s passion for reading. He often tell us if you need to do a specific task and you don’t know how, then start by reading the manual. From Dad, I learned that everything is possible with God.

While I am only just one professor, it is my hope that I strive to make a positive difference in the lives of my students. This reminded me of this quote:

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