Lessons Learned

After teaching two sessions of Library Literacy, I learned more about 5 assigned topics from my students, which were:

School DropOut Rate, Homeless, Wealth and Inequality, Religion and Law, along with Race and Education.

While there was some improvements made, but these issues above are still very relevant in our society today. Most of these topics played a big part of America’s history. Yet, because of government policies and differences views on economic and social norms, they’ve not been resolved.

How do we solve these problems?

We are often told what is best for us or to conform by influencers to stay inside the lines of box placed before us or to think outside the box. This is why, most importantly, we are to Think Like there is No Box.

By educating others to keep bringing about change by finding real solutions that work. By becoming the change thats needed, because together we can change the world.


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