InDesign Projects

This week students are finishing up creating InDesign Projects. I look forward to seeing their creations of album covers, event flyers, and magazines covers. Plus, students will be also critiquing each other’s website as a way to provide feedback for possible improvements.

Adobe InDesign introduces new concepts like bleed, margins, and gutters for printing in c,m,y,k vs. r,g,b. With typography new terms include kerning, leading, and tracking of font’s spacing for letters or words.

Students will learn than using a lower resolution 72dpi better quality vector images for the web so the photos load faster vs. raster bitmap photos which are pixelated low quality images. It is also better to use high resolution 300 dpi for text and images for printing quality materials.

I especially want to see how students incorporate the various principles of design such as balance, colors, emphasis, harmony, layout, lines, shapes, rhythms, textures, and typography into their projects.

Interesting learning that you can add a header video into a WordPress website. However, you must store the audio file in the media library or a 3rd party vendor. Next, you would use a href command to call the audio to actually play sound or music vs. sending your audience to watch on

Here are the tutorials they’re using:

Adobe – Make a Flyer

CD Album Cover

Magazine Cover

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