What’s the Right Question?

Yesterday I attended a teacher conference at Mercy College. The guest speaker was Andrew Minigan from Right Questions Institution.org

We did a fun group activity to learn how to ask the right questions as a teacher to their students. We learned to ask both closed short answer questions and open ended questions in order to develop deeper critical thinking skills.

The next step for the group was to prioritize questions of importance. The last step of this teacher exercise was that the team had to strategize what students need to know about a topic vs. how as teachers could share to explain content material to their class.

A vital part of the process is to allow students to take ownership of their learning to gain confidence in their knowledge.

I plan on incorporating this new QFT question formulation technique with my technology classes going forward when studying certain topics of computer science.

This process will allow students to ask questions ahead of time, so I can research what they like to know about a specific topic such as Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, or Blockchain Programming, etc.

Reflection time is done by have students review questions to see if everything was covered to answer their questions or if they will need to dig deeper into their own research.

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