Information Technology

Does Information Technology excel students learning ability in the classroom? This week discussion forum at Mercy College is based on whether students agree or disagree that Technology either helps or hinders their college education. Students are then asked to review several scholarly articles and include statistics to back up their conclusion.

Let’s take a look at the definition of Information Technology, which is “the study or use of systems (especially computers and telecommunications) for storing, retrieving, and sending information” (Source: Oxford Dictionary).

Some devices like smartphones, headphones, and air buds often hinder a teacher’s ability to share content with students, so a teacher needs to set rules early on in the semester or end up dealing with distractions the entire semester.

Or find a creative ways like Kahoot App for survey polls or short quiz to reach cyber students where they are by incorporating smartphone usage in class.

I like to hear from both students and teachers alike if either have used Kahoot or any other educational app in their classes along with their experiences using the app?

My opinion is that it depends on the both the teacher and the students if they are comfortable using technology in a classroom setting. Each student learns at their own pace.

My first experience creating a scavenger hunt via an educational app was easy to create, but was a total bust because students couldn’t open the link due Suny Ulster college’s firewall. So word to wise, be sure to test the educational app before using it in for class.

Every teacher should know how to use digital educational tools as much possible to reach today’s students, so they feel challenged by gaining confidence knowing they can individually and as a team who is more than capable of finding a solution.