Pray for Change

Pray for colleges to remove the 3 class limit cap; so that adjunct professors like myself could actually make a decent living teaching.

Colleges state the cap is due to the Affordable Care Act, which states if you work more than 30 hours at any company, they must provide medical benefits.

This cap causes adjunct teachers to pay for their own government assisted health benefits. Adjunct Professors end up having to work a second job or to run around to different campuses to teach in order to make ends meet.

Example, if I teach at 3 courses that = 9 credits x 3 hour course = 27 hours of work. Why can’t the rule be >=32 hours, as the cut off like so many other places?

These days it is very rare anyone gets hired as a full-time college teacher without a PhD. Granted having a PhD doesn’t guarantee any adjunct a full-time tenured job, but opportunities to do so would be greater. By being able to teach more, adjunct professors could go for their PhD’s, as they’d be able to afford it.

Otherwise, one must either gives up teaching or remain a nobody in a large sea of academic professors, who just wants to teach more, to study in their field, and support themselves.

Adjuncts professors don’t work for huge amount of money, but we do teach because they love education and want others to succeed.

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