Is Silence Golden?

Were you taught that silence is golden? Often times students can easily misconstrue instructions. Ensuring directions are interpreted the right way by the entire class is crucial for teachers especially during final exams.

My students are taking finals this week at Mercy College. It is so quiet in the classroom, you can hear a pin drop. They have to complete two times exams, and students are very tense. I certainly don’t miss taking tests, but I help my classes study material during review time, so they’ll pass it.

One thing I know the silence won’t last long because there is always one student who thinks they can ask for answers or the one who knocks on the door then strolls in late.

As a professor, I will give a student a life-line, if they have put forth effort all semester. Though some students need to learn quickly not to ask for the same answer to same question.

To help students destress I play Christmas music via the all time favorite Yule Log, so they can imagine being at home taking the test. It tends to settle them down and focus more on questions. Once they complete tests, hopefully they will leave the class quietly, yet happy as they’re anxiously awaiting winter break.

Mother Teresa explains it best, as how golden silence actually helps us excel… Be Blessed!


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