2020 Vision

What is your vision for 2020? The joke is, “If you wear glasses you won’t need to this year, because you will have 2020 vision”. I expect there will be a lot more puns like this come in the New Year.

Many people get caught up in the hoopla of festivities of celebration of 2020. It is also a good time to plan out positive goals. I remember a friend saying just be sure to leave room for God.

Unfortunately, we often forget to include God in our decisions especially when life is good, but are all to quick blame Him when things go wrong.

What we should be doing is putting God in the mix because He can already see the future. For 2020, I pray that you learn to trust God for all of your needs every day. Happy New Year!


One response to “2020 Vision”

  1. Todd Young Avatar
    Todd Young

    Absolutely, Sandra! True words and great advice! May your new year be a blessed one. I appreciate your testimony! God bless!

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