God Reigns

Recently in our town, someone(s) destroyed a huge cross that was always lit. It stood way up on a hill and had been there for many years. At night, the cross could be seen for miles from one of the main highways.

Ironically, the destruction of this cross doesn’t stop God nor His people. If anything, it should motivate us to build a bigger cross with brighter led lights and to share the gospel even more to others.

How do we know that God reigns over everything? Simply put, the Bible tells us so, but some may beg to differ. The cross is a symbol of The Resurrection. God hears, knows, and sees all. No one is above God. I can tell you that with a new Cross or no cross on the nearby hill, our God continues to reign forever!

Join me in praying for godly justice to prevail and the funds to build a bigger cross; so it can be a beacon of light for all to see and to believe in God.

Cross in the News

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