Tablets in Prisons

Recently, I learned that some N.Y. prisoners now have access to JPay’s Lantern tablets. Some people agree that technology is helping behavior of prisoners and some would prefer to restrict inmates from having anything. I like to share the benefits of technology in prisons.

It is a proven fact that education reduces recidivism rate. Many correctional officers state the inmates attitudes are better from being able to use tablets. There are less outbursts and a safer environment for all.

By allowing prisoners to have technology they can communicate with their lawyers and families more often. They can download music, send email, access educational books and law resources, and even Skype with their families. JPay is working with Kahn Academy to provide KA Lite online access to educational classes.

JPay’s Lantern tablets are not totally free, but are saving inmates’ family’s on the expense because of incarceration. The tablets help by retaining a stronger communication bond between the inmate and their family. The biggest benefit is that children will no longer have to physically go to a jail to visit a parent, which can be a scary for a child.

In the future, I foresee college teachers being able to upload their course material, receive students homework, and answer students questions faster. By having inmates learn computer skills and gain education by using tablets, they will be able to find a better job once released.

What is your view point now that you are informed about the benefits of tablet technology in correctional facilities?

Watch How tablets are transforming inmates and officer lives in corrections video.


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