MIS Week 5

Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will increase it ~ Proverbs 13:11

This week students got to learn how to create budgets for both corporate events and simple computer network systems. Students had to compare hotel accommodations in Miami and airfares from several cities for 200 employees and visitors. The other exercise dealt in selecting computer and printer hardware and Microsoft Windows and Office software for a small size company. On e did an exceptional job of using Excel breaking out each their budget choices as well as posting the expenses based on qualities involved for both.

From my year’s of business experience management wants to see where money is being spent, so it must be accurate and accounted for. If there are any discrepancies., then you better have an answer. Most of all, that the #’s better add up and have back up information as to where the #’s actually came from. So it’s always best to double check your spreadsheets. If need be organize your data into valuable information. Review #’s and accounts with manager to see if certain ones are no longer anymore. This best practice is good to follow because digital firms and computer technology are changing so quickly.


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