How can I serve God

But be sure to fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart; consider what great things he has done for you ~ 1 Samuel 12:24.

Do you ever feel like serving God is a chore? One article called How can I Serve God by Kristin Postlethwait on Explore God website that I read revealed that many of us serve God because it’s expected. The author compares our lives to the fairytale Cinderella, who has to do a ton of chores for approval from her evil stepmother in order to go to the ball. I agree with the author as she mentions, when we serve out of obligated duty, it can often remove the joy of it.

My spin on this analogy is that for many the reality of our lives is difficult, as we must work hard to provide for our families. We are not like royalty where everything is done for us. However even in the business, we still need to find time to serve Jesus, our Prince of Peace.

If we put our focus on how God has blessed us, we can give to others freely without hesitation or regret. The less we begrudge what we are doing the happier we are to help God accomplish His plans through prayer and service.


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