IBM Ai Jackie Pup

I am super excited to announce that I will be having an IBM guest speaker to one of my technology classes this coming Friday at 11am in LIB 303 classroom. I can’t wait to see my students faces light up by having a real live very special and famous puppy in class.

Lorraine Trapani is an IBM executive who is part of the Watson team. She also happens to be a Guiding Eyes for the Blind (GEB) puppy raiser. She has the honor and privilege of raising IBM’s Ai Jackie, who is a yellow Labrador and potential future guide dog. IBM Watson computer technology collects large amounts of critical data on hundreds of puppies to help GEB determine which puppies are most likely to succeed in training.

It is amazing how two organizations have teamed up together for a common goal, which is to help those who are visually impaired to become more independent. I am looking forward to spoiling little Miss IBM Ai Jackie O pup and sharing her with my students.

Interested in volunteering as a puppy raiser?

Check out: Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Think IBM, Go Marist!


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