MIS Week 7

This week my students are giving their independent research presentation. Each student will talk 3-5 minutes about their selected technology topic. The subject must pertain to today’s information systems or information technology.

One of the main goal’s for this course is for students to discover that not only is in-depth research an important part of their education, but also in that its critical part of doing business in today’s ever changing digital world.

We will be playing Jeopardy as way to review Chapters 1-6 based on our management information systems textbook. Their midterm consists of 35 questions and 3 short essays about MIS issues we covered during class participation.

The essay topics consists of the different types of collaboration tools used by managers, what is the the digital divide and how it affects our society, and why is it necessary for today’s companies to be scalable. The midterm assessment will help determine if the students are grasping the management concepts and the technology terms used daily in business.

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