A Prayer for Nashville

In light of this week’s horrific tornado that destroyed the city of Nashville, TN I offer this blog as a time of prayer. I can’t imagine waking up and basically seeing a beautiful city in ruins by weather catastrophe let alone learning that dozens of people perished due to this storm. Let us join in prayer…

Heavenly Father,

We uplift the city of Nashville, TN to You. We ask for Your comfort and love to surround those who lost loved ones in this tragic tornado. Give them peace and understanding in the days ahead. Grant wisdom to the medical staff assisting those who are hurting. Bring complete healing to those who were injured in the storm and strengthen them more each day.

Help provide the funds for the necessities of life such as fresh water, good food, and adequate housing for those who are currently displaced. Strengthen this city’s resolve to work together to rebuild the devastated area. Most of all, may the people of Nashville know You Father God love them and You are with them each step of the way.

In the mighty name of Jesus, we pray, Amen.

May Nashville rise above the storm!

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