College Mottos

As an adjunct professor I like to read up on a college’s mission statement, as well as, their motto. I find them interesting and relevant to the school’s core foundation.

While this might seem trivial to some, I find it gives a teacher insight to the beliefs of the college. One can decide whether they’ll fit into the college’s culture. Each college mission statement is unique and is their motto. A motto is similar to a tag line, as it’s usually something that’s catchy and remember-able.

I pray to God, so that I may live work, and I have opportunities to teach! Without students there is no one to teach. Without colleges there no place for students to learn. Without teachers there is no education happening. So I pray for all three, because the younger generation is our future to our existence.

After this week my above statement is changing, as college is more than buildings, it is educational community. Due to unforeseen circumstances with the corona virus, many campuses are now an online educational community. Thankfully we have digital technology, which allows us to continue to remotely teach and work.

Three cheers, for next week is spring break!

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