So Wash Your Hands!

So wash your hands. Isaiah 1:16

Yes, midterms are over and due to coronavirus colleges are closed and going online for rest of semester. Many are preparing by stock piling necessities. Some fear the worse is yet to come. However, the biggest preventive step is actually found in the Bible, as God directs us to wash our hands!

Join me in praying for:

Pray for those who must goto work ie. the hospital staff and 1st responders, as they risk their lives to help save others.

Pray for those who are ill with this nasty super bug, and may a vaccine is found soon.

Pray for students who literally cannot go home. I personally have two international students in my class who are trying to return home before their country borders close, one to England and the other to Switzerland.

Pray for the safety of National Guard military troops who are distributing food two counties down.

Pray for the college administration who are making decisions by helping students who need to stay on campus, and for the computer staff assisting with the transition to go online soon.

Pray for the maintenance crews who are super cleaning our local colleges and schools, as well as, other nearby medical facilities.

Thank you for praying for the needs of others. May God’s perfect will prevail over these matters. Go in peace, be blessed, and know that God is watching over you! Now, I also pray that everyone would heed God’s direction to go wash their hands!

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