Online Education

Today’s teachers need to be able to connect, communicate, and collaboration with their students online daily. Colleges must have lots of internet bandwidth and a scalable network architecture to handle the load of thousands of users a day. For parents who are new to having your children at home, be sure to take the time to learn what they’re doing online.

There are several different learning management systems (LMS) platforms, such as Blackboard, Moodle, and ILearn. There are other collaboration tools and apps anyone can use for group work are Google hangouts along with a Google drive and other apps. It is also great that some educational publishers are giving away their software apps to help teachers and students during this time of transition.

Online distance learning is a life saver! I was able to complete my masters degree online. It was a huge cost savings by not having to literally drive anywhere. It enabled me to work full time and used the driving time to read, research, and study more. Due to social distancing and computer technology, we have the capability to teach hundreds of online from home, which is so Awesome!

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