Our Nation is Under God

Today, I keep hearing very large airplanes in the sky as I write this blog. I hope it’s National Guard at Stewart International Airport bringing medical staff and medical supplies to NYC. I pray for their safety as they serve on the front lines for us.

I pray for our nation to strengthen our resolve, as we battle this virus. I have no doubt America will rise again, better, stronger, and faster from this experience. So do not be afraid. Be of good courage. You have no reason to fear, for our God is near!

Thank You to those who are in this battle fighting to save precious lives.

7k+ coronavirus cases in NY alone! How many in NYC vs. rest of the state? Confined to our homes across the country. 200+ hundred dead. Follow orders Stay at Home People, unless medical staff or 1st responders. Do not risk getting sick, as you can order anything online these days. You nor I can replace ourselves.

We grew up with stores Closed on Sundays. I foresee this happening again soon. Enjoy being with family and your children. While you can’t trade them in, tell them you love them. Because once their gone, you can’t anymore.

Yes, this is a big inconvenience, but we only get one life. Take care of each other, wash your hands, and practice social distancing. We are all in this together, so make the most of it.

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