Flatten The Curve!

Spring has arrived and it snowed today. Life seems like everything is backwards lately. Our world isn’t flat. However, government leaders want us to flatten the curve, but they don’t want to shut the country’s economy down.

People are very sick, thousands jobless, and more will become homeless. Our government knew about the coronavirus back in January and it didn’t do anything. Now, our politicians are bickering day in and day out on Capital Hill over funds. Meanwhile, over 600+ people have died!

I agree with the scientists and doctors who have stated the exchange of plasma from a recovered patient to one who is ill is the cure. Yet, it hasn’t been done to be proven.

I pray for those on the front lines battling the coronavirus virus every day. Asking God to provide the medical supplies the hospitals so desperately need. May God’s perfect will prevail upon our world. Amen and Amen.


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