Be A Life Saver, Donate Blood!

Today, I am sharing about the plasma treatment because I truly believe along with other scientists and researchers that it will help save lives suffering from the coronavirus. Except, none of it will work without blood donors like yourself.

Thirty years ago, I personally saw plasmapheresis treatment work for my family member suffering from GBS, which is a very rare disease from the flu. I know that my loved one would not have survived GBS without it. I am so thankful for courageous blood donor who gave their blood, so that my family member had a fighting chance to live.

How it works: The sick patient who is in the hospital is connected to a plasmapheresis machine for plasma treatment. This plasma process basically washes the patient’s blood antigens taking out all the bad toxins and replaces with donated plasma that has good antibodies to fight the virus. The process time depends on the size of the person.

Please consider stepping forward be a blood donor! All one person needs to do visit a American Red Cross Blood Drive to give a unit of blood, then it’s sent to a blood lab for processing the blood type. Again, be a life saver, donate blood!

Note, not all hospitals have the plasmapheresis equipment. Pray our government will consider manufacturing more of the plasma machines, so that every hospital across America would have at least one, if not two or more!

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