A Time to Pray

We can try to be as positive as possible, but the fact remains that hundreds have perished. No matter how much we do our best to do social distancing, more are going to die. I find it very upsetting that family members cannot be with their love one while dying. While the ill are not alone because God is there, it still very difficult to comprehend.

Ecclesiastes 3 Video

There is a time for everything under God. This is our time to pray for everybody who are battling the covid-19. I also pray that God would heal the hearts of those who are in mourning loss around the world. I am asking God to surround them with comfort and love that only He can do. May God’s people know that He loves them and that they can stand in the promises of God that they will see their love ones again in heaven. It is my hope that God would give these families peace and understanding in the days and years ahead.

A Time to PRAY!

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