MIS Week 11

My college classes resumes this week. It is big opportunity for me, as I go from teaching in the classroom to teaching online. I know my Internet connection and collaboration software are good to go, as I practiced with several different ones. Most of all, I hope that my pup doesn’t interrupt my online WebEx classes.

This week MIS will be learning about different types of networks, rfid sensory chips, and mobile WiFi technology. The students also discovered managers need good security and controls in place to be able to deal with cyber warfare and natural disasters.

The coronavirus is a global supply chain example of how important having enough medical supplies on hand at hospitals is vital to our survival during a health crisis. We must bring manufacturing back to America. We must be able to provide for our own citizens.

Companies may need update their Internet network architecture to be able to remotely communicate, connect, and collaborate quicker. Some businesses, non-profits, schools, universities, and individuals may not have enough bandwidth to support the increase in their number of online users.

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