Be Strong in the Lord!

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might – Ephesians 6:10.

I trying to wrap my head around the fact that thousands are dying not just in NY, but across our great nation, and around the world. I am perplexed questioning what is God’s purpose, as to why He is calling so many home.

I am truly amazed by the many selfless men and women serving on the front lines by risking their lives to save others. Our military soldiers, volunteers in and out of state are assisting by building extra hospitals sites. It’s quite an orchestrated plan by our government leaders who are working together to get medical supplies to the right areas at the right time for the good of the people.

Though I dislike hearing the media state the amount who perished is relatively small in retrospect to the amount who have been tested. When in fact, one is too many. No, not one of should of perish in the first place.

For we know God doesn’t want anyone to die. But like the song says by Matt Redman, “Better is one day in His House than thousands elsewhere”. So folks don’t only imagine that heaven is for real, know for sure that it is! Be ready! Accept Jesus into your heart today!

For now: Be safe, stay at home, and wash your blessed hands. For we may not all survive, but know that God is still in control and that Jesus loves you! Keep looking up and be strong in the Lord!


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